The first decent photograph I ever took was with a used Nikon SLR in the early 1980s. I'd spent $100 for that camera, more than I should have been spending at the time. But I was dazzled by the clarity and colors of the 35mm prints. And I was hooked. Soon I was investing in lenses, reading every photography book I could get my hands on, and trying out techniques with landscapes and outdoor subjects. For several years, I took ribbons at the local tri-county fair with my photography, hung some photos at local businesses, and my "career" began.

My interest lagged a bit until I was able to take some photography classes at University of Nevada, Reno. There, we shot black and white and studied darkroom technique. My enthusiasm peeked again. How exciting it was learn the craft from developing the film, through enlarging and printing with different filters and papers, dodging and burning, matting, and presenting my work.

Then came the first affordable DSLRs and I purchased my first one, the Nikon D60, in 2005. I never did go back to film. My imagination went wild over the possibilities of digital photography, and I started my first website. In order to contain my passionate optimism of the promise of the digital age, I decided to grab the domain and copyright my images under the name "Home Planet Images."

These days, I spend as much time as I can exploring Nevada and the west, hoping for new opportunities with light, seasons, and wildlife. Because my first rule of photography is a simple one: be there.

Thank you for browsing through my portfolios. This gallery is by no means a complete representation of my work, so I hope you'll link to one of the other sites on the “Contact” page. There are many, many photography websites on the Internet these days, and I truly appreciate that you found mine.